WAVE Compaign Released for Caregivers

The Office of Healthcare Quality (OHQ) and the HHS Partnership for Patients are pleased to announce the official release of the WAVE campaign. WAVE stands for:


“W” – Wash Hands

“A”  – Ask Questions

“V”  – Vaccinate

“E”  – Ensure Safety


The WAVE brochure and wallet card are designed so that family members and caregivers can educate themselves about healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the steps they can take to protect their loved ones.


WAVE materials are available several ways:



Printer – Ready Files (for reprinting): OHQ@hhs.gov or ann.bradley@hhs.gov. 


CMS Product Clearance Website: Providers may access printed copies of these products by visiting the CMS product-ordering website and registering for access to these documents.  Go to http://productordering.cms.hhs.gov

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